About us

The Union of Canadian Armed Forces Personnel came to exist as a response to the continued reports of poor working and living conditions for all members of the CAF.

With the introduction of the new Canadian Forces Housing Differential (CFHD), the crisis that already existed has been further exacerbated risking the lives, safety and well-being of CAF members in their own homes.


Now as we progress through the process of establishing a collective voice for members of our CAF, we are hearing more and more how these issues are plaguing CAF interests.

Our Vision

"Empowering Unity, Excellence, and Integrity in Service to Canada and Beyond"


We envision a future where every member of the Canadian Armed Forces Personnel is united in purpose, excellence, and integrity. We aim to foster an inclusive and supportive environment that champions the well-being, professional development, and recognition of our members. By cultivating a culture of respect, teamwork, and innovation, we strive to ensure that the Canadian Armed Forces remain a world-class military force, ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Together, we pledge to serve our nation with honour, uphold the highest standards of duty and discipline, and contribute to a safer, more peaceful world.

Our mission

"To advocate for the rights, well-being, and professional advancement of all Canadian Armed Forces personnel. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that our members are supported, both in service and in life, through comprehensive resources, representation, and a strong community. Our mission is to foster a culture of respect, equality, and excellence within the forces, to enhance operational effectiveness, and to contribute to Canada's security and international peacekeeping efforts. By embodying the values of loyalty, courage, and commitment, we aim to uphold the honor and dignity of military service and to be a leading voice for the interests and aspirations of our members."

Are you interested in joining the UCAFP?


We are currently accepting the following members:

Class A - Regular Force or Reserve Force Members

Class B1 - Former Regular Force or Reserve Force Members

Class B2 - Non-Military Members